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Test Name:
Isohemagglutinin Titer, IgG

  • TMF No:
  • Performance Lab Name:
    ARUP Laboratories
  • Test Mnemonic:
  • CPT Code:
  • Ref Lab Test No:
  • Test Includes:

    ABO Blood Group

    Reflexive Testing:
    Only isohemagglutinin titers based on ABO blood group will be performed. Additional charges apply. If blood type is A, then Anti-B Titer is performed. If blood type is B, then Anti-A Titer is performed. If blood type is O, then Anti-A and Anti-B titers are performed. If blood type is AB, no titers will be performed.
    44892 zz.BILLONLY: Anti-A Titer, IgG
    44894 zz.BILLONLY: Anti-B Titer, IgG

  • Also Known As:
    Anti-A & B Titer; Anti-A Titer; Anti-B Titer; Isohemagglutinin Titer Anti-A, IgG; Isohemagglutinin Titer Anti-B, IgG
  • Also See:
    44891 Isohemagglutinin Titer, IgG and IgM
  • Spec Collect:
    Lavender top (EDTA) or Pink top (K2EDTA) tube. Mix by inverting tube 8 times.
  • Spec Process:
    Do not freeze red cells. Transport 7 mL whole blood in the original collection tube. (Min: 3 mL)
  • Spec Store Transport:
  • Spec Stability:
    Room temperature: 72 hours
    Refrigerated: 1 week
    Frozen: Unacceptable
  • Spec Reject:
    Separator or gel tubes.
  • Methodology:
  • Note:
    Only IgG isohemagglutinin titers based on ABO screening results will be performed for this test. If both IgG and IgM titers are desired, order Isohemagglutinin Titer, IgG & IgM (44891). Specimens are screened for antibodies; if positive, an antibody panel will be performed. Titers will be performed as indicated for specific blood groups. Additional charges will apply to antibody identification and titer testing.
  • Day Run:
  • Time Reported:
    2-4 days
  • Test Type: