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Test Name:
Influenza A Virus Antibody, IgG

  • TMF No:
  • Performance Lab Name:
    ARUP Laboratories
  • Test Mnemonic:
    FLUA G
  • CPT Code:
  • Ref Lab Test No:
  • Also Known As:
    Flu A
  • Spec Collect:
    Gold top (SST) or Red top (serum) tube. Mix by inverting tube 5 times.
  • Spec Process:
    Separate serum from cells ASAP or within 2 hours of collection. Transfer 1 mL serum to a screw-capped plastic transport tube. (Min: 0.1 mL) Parallel testing is preferred and convalescent specimens must be received within 30 days of receipt of the acute specimens. Mark specimens plainly "acute" and "convalescent."
  • Spec Store Transport:
  • Spec Stability:
    After separation from cells:
    Room temperature: 48 hours
    Refrigerated: 2 weeks
    Frozen: 1 year
  • Spec Reject:
    Plasma. Bacterially contaminated, heat-inactivated, hemolyzed, icteric, lipemic, or turbid specimens.
  • Methodology:
    Semi-Quantitative Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
  • Day Run:
    Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Time Reported:
    2-7 days
  • Test Type: